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July 2012
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Gabriel García Márquez's writing career ended by dementia 


He has fought a long battle against lymphatic cancer which he contracted in 1999 and it is believed that the cancer treatment has accelerated his mental decline.

“Dementia runs in our family and he’s now suffering the ravages prematurely due to the cancer that put him almost on the verge of death,” said Jaime. “Chemotherapy saved his life, but it also destroyed many neurons, many defences and cells, and accelerated the process. But he still has the humour, joy and enthusiasm that he has always had.”

Jaime said that he tried to keep his brother’s condition a secret, “because it’s his life and he’s always tried to protect it”. However, he was moved to speak openly because of the inaccurate speculation he encountered.

September 2011
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Fact: cats love reading, too.

Fact: cats love reading, too.