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14 June 2012

It is not just books I love. It’s story. It’s drama. It’s the characters. It’s words that speak wonders. It’s the idea that somewhere someone wrote a story that is exactly how I feel or would like to be.

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06 June 2012

When I finish a book, it’s like I’m leaving my new friends behind and I don’t want to go.

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22 April 2012

I read for fun, interest, insight, a good laugh, a cry, in retrospect, in depth, and just because. Books aren’t just words on a page. They inform and help define who I will become. I can learn from the character’s mistakes and understand the world differently from their perspective. I read because I hate how reality binds me to this demanding life. I read to find myself some piece of what I know I can never truly attain.

05 April 2012

My relationship with fictional characters is separated into two factions: relating to them or crying over them.

27 March 2012

I can not imagine giving my books permanently.

24 March 2012

The problem is not that I do not have enough to read. It’s what do I read next.

12 March 2012

If I can talk with a boy about my favorite authors and poems, then he’s basically marriage material.

02 March 2012

I blame the books I have read for the high expectations I have in life and relationships.

09 February 2012

Well-written books should be thoroughly absorbed. They should be breathed in slowly and appreciated, so take time to read them and let them take you places.

08 February 2012

I measure my life out in turned pages.

06 February 2012

My life is made up of the stories I’ve read, made up, heard, skimmed, were taught, listened to, felt, lost, and even the ones I write.

03 February 2012
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I love book sales. I would love them even more if it didn’t mean a book store was going out of business.

30 January 2012

After I finished reading a book, I feel like the author and I are friends.

27 January 2012

I don’t just read an author’s work. I laugh at their stupid jokes. I cry with them when times get tough. I understand their point they wish to make to the world. I gush about their beautifully phrased proses. I sit and listen to their ideas. They become my friend.