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28 September 2011

Would you guys hate me forever if I added ads on my blog so I can save money for my Europe trip?

  1. closedforsale answered: I won’t click them, sorry. No one’s giving me money either just for the sake of it. Wish you best of luck in UK!
  2. veiledmockery answered: not really, you can do that :)
  3. erik1434 answered: Nope. No offence, but I only read you through your feed on my dash anyways. Save away
  4. kaitalyn answered: no! :)
  5. iwasbornbut answered: nope!
  6. callalillylemonlove answered: For Europe?! NO!
  7. lectureparfaite answered: Don’t worry! Do it! I will still follow you and love your blog! Good luck with the trip to Europe!
  8. tumbledbookshelf answered: Your blog’s lovely with or without : )
  9. caravaggista answered: Awesome idea!!!
  10. elie-whatever answered: ads on your blog would be enough for an oversea trip?
  11. brunes-secret-tumblr answered: nope
  12. rosepetalkissestonight answered: i wanna go!! haha jk
  13. themindislimitless answered: No. Your blog. I can respect that. Good luck with the money!
  14. abookblog answered: Naw, I’m all for people traveling. And if you want to make money to do it more power to you.
  15. the-papergirl answered: not at all :)
  16. theloupgaroux answered: No. I mostly see your stuff on my dash anyway ;)
  17. toopunkforlogic answered: I’m cool with it.
  18. likebrightness answered: NOT AT ALL
  19. annakendracula answered: no, I’d think you were smart! :)
  20. sammisamantha answered: No! :)
  21. livroleta answered: not at all go ahead and have fun at Europe :D
  22. minaraslullaby answered: No :)
  23. cicciottella answered: No ^^
  24. litlbones answered: no.
  25. thegirlandherbooks posted this